The biblical town of Joppa is today known as Jaffa. This was the main port of the coast before the Israelis constructed the ports of Haifa and Ashdod. The modern city of Tel Aviv was founded on the outskirts of Jaffa in 1909 and today, it encompasses the ancient city.


Joppa in the Cyclopedia of Biblical -- Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature by James Strong and John McClintock (1880). SEE the 18 instances of Joppa in 

Read Hechos 9 in NVI and NIV using our online parallel Bible. In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (in Greek her name is Dorcas); she was always  Joppa, as Jonah could possibly have sailed in those ancient days, when the Atlantic was an almost unknown sea. Joppe, som Jona möjligen kunde ha seglat i  we die. The Bible says, “we shall return to God who gave us”. The Bible 2011. 1 Corinthians 15 De Vos, J. M., Joppa, L. N., Gittleman, J. L., Ste- phens, P. R.  From: ESV: Read through the Bible Baalath, 45 Jehud, Bene-berak, Gath-rimmon, 46 and Me-jarkon and Rakkon with the territory over against Joppa.

Joppa in the bible

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No doubt we will never see  World English Bible (web). Search * Study Tools * Daily Verses. bible As Lydda was near Joppa, the disciples, hearing that Peter was there, sent two men to  a former seaport in W Israel, part of Tel Aviv-Jaffa since 1950: ancient Biblical town. Ancient, Joppa. Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, ©  Joppa In the Bible. 1. The seaport of Joppa is where the trees of Lebanon arrived that Solomon used to build the Temple in Jerusalem around 950 BC. "What is it, Lord?" he asked.

Where in Joppa was Peter staying? At the house of "Simon, a tanner" (Acts 10:6). Why was Peter staying with a tanner poignant and significant? Peter would not have been predisposed to stay with Simon because Jewish law deemed tanners unclean.

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Joppa in the bible

Joppa. Go to List of places in the Bible. Jaffa also is known as Joppa. A port city on the Mediterranean. After Joshua conquered the new land, Joppa became part of Dan.King Solomon used Joppa as a port to bring in timber from Lebanon for the Temple, and Ezra also had cedar trees brought into Joppa from Lebanon.

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Joppa in the bible

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Joppa in the bible

Joppa (a latinization of the 4th century Greek name, Ἰόππη) appears in the Bible as the name of the Israeli city of Jaffa.

Gilgal. Sorek. Jericho. 36Rrapa gun-nerranga rrawa gun-gata Jopa (Joppa), jin-ngardapa jinyu-ni Jesus jin-nika jawina jin-gata jin-nelangga Debita (Tabitha), wurra Grik gu-guyinda  (Biblical) A woman restored to life by Peter.
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36 Now there was at Joppa a certain disciple named Tabitha, which by interpretation is called Dorcas: this woman was full of good works and almsdeeds which she did. Acts 9:36 Meaning 37 And it came to pass in those days, that she was sick, and died: whom when they had washed, they laid her in an upper chamber.

Acts 10:32 | View whole chapter | See verse in context Send therefore to Joppa, and call hither Simon, whose surname is Peter; he is lodged in the house of one Simon a tanner by the sea side: who, when he cometh, shall speak unto thee. Japho (Joshua 19:46) in the Old Testament is another spelling of Joppa.

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Jan 16, 2006 Among Biblical events which took place at Capernaum are the healing of the Centurion's servant. Luke 7 1 When Jesus had finished saying all 

2017-08-19 Entry for Joppa in Easton’s Bible Dictionary. Joppa : beauty, a town in the portion of Dan (Joshua 19:46; A.V., "Japho"), on a sandy promontory between Caesarea and Gaza, and at a distance of 30 miles north-west from Jerusalem. It is one of the oldest towns in Asia. It was and still is the chief sea-port of Judea.

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Joppa is: Beauty, comeliness. Similar names: Addi · Almon-diblathaim · Ashtaroth · Baal-zephon · Bigthan 

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Dza ɔwɔ Joppa.